Testimonials - Galpeg
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Daisy Chain Merchandise – Daisy Downe

“…My company has grown with the help of Galpeg.
There is no order too small or too large, cash flow isn’t an issue and I have great benefits with supplier pricing which means I am very competitive when quoting clients. You are your own boss, you decide everything about your business and how you want to run it. I would recommend the programme to others….”

Promotional Works – Richard Andrews

“…I am keen to do business with the biggest brands in the world. In order to do that, I need a solid financial history and Galpeg’s history is unrivalled.
The entire process from procurement to inspection, ethical provenance and delivery, means that the client can be confident they are working with a supplier that won’t let them down.
I’ve seen fantastic growth in my business because of the assistance Galpeg gives me and I’m looking forward to future growth with their support….”

Aurora Promotional Merchandise – Wesley Dabbs

“…The main benefit I’ve seen is a lot of growth and a better buying power…”

Promotional Works – Lisa Pierre

“…The Galpeg package allows me the flexibility to work to the hours I choose. The team is a great support and is always on hand to help….”

Bluefish Promotional Merchandise – Russ Platt

“…Galpeg employs people on my behalf so I have a dedicated team without the additional expense of employment costs. My company is ambitious and we are looking for open-ended growth and the Galpeg Programme allows us to achieve that….”

Saint Promotions – Lorraine Mollart

“…Having the dedicated support team allows me to go out and business develop. I would encourage others to join the programme as it gives you the opportunity to deal with large clients quickly and the financial security to do so. I would have struggled to achieve what I have to date without the support of Galpeg….”

Merchandise Europe – Theo Bell

“…The Back Office team at Galpeg are first-class. They take the administrative work off my hands so I can concentrate on sales and business development one hundred percent of the time. One of the unique benefits of the programme is that whilst you run your own business, you are still part of a team and a network giving you access to ideas, advice, information and expertise….”

Cheeky Fox Promotions – Chris Lee

“…The efficiencies I am achieving by being a member of Galpeg are immense. With the help of Galpeg, I have never been so time-rich which leaves me free to deal with enquiries thoroughly from start to finish and give myself the best chance of converting the enquiry….”

Just Balls (Supplier) – Steve Nash

“…There are many benefits to working with Galpeg but essentially they’re backed up by a team and a head office that are second to none….”

Desktop ideas (Supplier) – Matt Pluckrose

“…The professionalism of the back office is a real positive to working with the team. We receive clear purchase orders, clear instructions, good artwork and couldn’t ask for anything more…”

Juniper Trading (Supplier) – Andrew Langley

“…We’ve got a great experience working with the Galpeg team, they have great product knowledge….”

Advantage Group (Supplier) – Lawrence Angelow

“…Working with distributors in the Galpeg Programme, we benefit from sound infrastructure, support, knowledge and financial stability….”

British Promotional Merchandise Association – Gordon Glenister

“…Galpeg has been a long-standing member of the trade association and are very professional in their approach. The organisation brings a lot of experience in terms of knowledge and sourcing and it has been encouraging to watch them thrive…”

Account Manager (Supplier) – Dorian Tranter

“…Galpeg make it very easy to do business with them, a process that is made easier due to the back office staff…”

Plastech Print (Supplier) – Gerry Thomas

“…Individually they are small, together they represent a substantial chunk of the market, an ideal way of conducting business…”