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Five Marketing Strategies To Help You Win

Five Marketing Strategies To Help You Win

Now, more than ever is time to examine your customer engagement strategy. With a likely decrease in economic growth, selling will become increasingly difficult. But don’t panic! Explore the silver linings of coronavirus by fully maximizing your customer engagement with these FIVE essential marketing strategies.

1 – Study your sales process
Give your sales cycle definitions, opportunity grading and forecast accuracy a look. Are they as good as they could be? If they aren’t, you may be missing out on huge amounts of sales opportunities. Make sure to give the right resources to all your winnable opportunities.

2 – Give out the right messages
In a reclining economy, buyers are feeling cautious. Make sure to encourage your marketing and sales teams to personalize their communications for different types of audiences. This will boost engagement and sales.

3 – Boost current relationships
Customers buy more from current providers than new ones, no matter the state of the economy. So, this is the time to boost the existing relationship you have with your buyers through optimizing their current solutions:

  • Offer add-ons to increase your websites capabilities, and program utility to enhance a primary program
  • Price reductions are invaluable for drawing in customers and boosting revenue, especially as they are home with nothing better to do!

4 – Help your competitor’s customers
A downturn is an ideal time to steal business from your rivals. You can do this by being there for their customers, perhaps through helping them keep on top of their orders. Helping them through these difficult times can them lure away from your opponents.

5 – Negotiate, negotiate and… negotiate
Discounting may seem like the best strategy, but negotiating the finer points of deals is a far more effective route. This is to shield your margins without losing important business. Try implementing a negotiating skills unit in your training program, or create a strategic pricing team to enable special deals.

Don’t let the fear of slow growth hold you back from changing your sales strategy for the better. Stay on top of your marketing, and use these five tips to ensure your business excels in the coming months!