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How to keep your Brand safe from Coronavirus

How to keep your Brand safe from Coronavirus

Right now, we’re all focused on getting our businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keeping customers on board, furloughing or laying off staff whilst continuing – or at least attempting – to generate revenue are all very high on the priority list.

But what many brand leaders forget is that their own well-being is as crucial – if not more so – because they are what keeps their business going.

So, why not stop for a few minutes and learn how to “keep calm and carry on” in this time of crisis. After all, it is the British way!

Prioritise yourself

If you take the concept “a tidy kitchen is a tidy mind” and reverse it, you get some equally useful advice: a tidy mind equals a tidy business. Put simply: when you’re doing well, your business will also do well, so make sure you put your energy, sleep and health first.

Running a business in normal times is stressful enough. Yes, Coronavirus has complicated things, but we now have a chance to focus on ourselves as well:

  • More healthy eating as we now have the time to prepare delicious and nutritional meals. Why not try something exotic? For example Meera Sodha’s East recipes with inspired recipes from Bangalore to Beijing.
  • Exercise regularly – within the Governments 2-metre distancing rules, of course.
  • Getting plenty of sleep and relaxation – experts recommend seven hours to recharge your batteries! Ultimately, your business will only run as efficiently as you do, so to hit the ground running when everything starts up again you’ll want to be in top form.
  • Don’t get down in the dumps – As Winston Churchill said: “If you’re going through Hell, keep going”. Focusing on the bad, dwelling on the negative and obsessing over things you can’t possibly control won’t help you … or your business. What will help is accepting that things may get tougher before they get easier, and that you will need to find a way through as best you can. That may mean getting creative with solutions or, for the perfectionists amongst us, realising that simply getting things done is all you can do right now.

Adapt to change

In business, it’s always important not to become obsessed with – or attached to – outcomes. Now, however, that simple truth is more crucial than ever.

In any time of crisis, the key to survival is adaptability. Letting go of what you planned to do, to do the things that you need to do, is not an easy skill to learn at the best of times. But now more than ever you need pragmatism, to make sure that you – and your brand – are “bullet proof”.

In 2020, things are changing, developing and advancing all the time. Use this time of crisis simply as a check on your business to ensure it can cope with change – and adapt your strategy accordingly.