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How to Make your Business Corona-Proof

How to Make your Business Corona-Proof

Cornonavirus has changed the world forever. The stable life we knew has been replaced by uncertainty, unease and a strong sense of the unknown.
But in every crisis there is opportunity, and now is the time to begin to restore as much steadiness and normality into our lives as possible, especially for the retail and promo product sectors.

Before COVID-19, people were busy placing orders for the usual summer trade shows, sporting events, concerts and, this year, the Olympic games.
Now, literally just a few weeks later, a wave of cancellations – and a sudden lack of sales – has swept all that confidence away.

So how can you keep control of your business in these uncertain times? Here are a few suggestions:

Never forget your customers

Keeping in contact with clients – and letting them know you care – is not only vital to building and maintaining your current relationship, it’s also the key to securing revenue in the future. After all, what is a business without its customers?

Those postponed events are going to happen one day, and with them orders for promo products that will be in big demand once things start to get back to some sense of normality, so it’s important to keep up the rapport.

A kind gesture now – such as a specially selected “care package” for key clients, free shipping, or a price discount – will not be forgotten when the better times return. If you’re looking for lower cost alternatives, why not send a personalised email to ask how they are coping? Or you could be even more creative: throw a virtual “cocktail night” or quiz to ease the Lockdown blues. You could even share a list of great books or movies to fill all that downtime.

Importantly, all this helps you connect on a personal level and is likely to keep your brand in customers’ thoughts for when they need you again.

And remember, it’s not just existing connections. Go the extra mile and reach out to new prospects to let them know you’re there when needed.

Never forget your workforce

Many businesses have had to furlough or – worse still – lay off staff. Good communication is key here too. We all need reassurance and stability in a crisis, so regular feedback is crucial. Let them know they’re still a part of your brand. Strengthening team spirit in times of crisis will have big benefits down the road. A confident workforce pulls more strongly together and is more productive.

If you’ve had to impose redundancies, the relationship need not end there. Why not help your former employees improve their CVs or write them personal letters of recommendation to help in the search for a new role?

Turn things around

Remember we said in every crisis there is opportunity? You could be using the Coronavirus lockdown to actually improve your business – and come out of it even stronger.
The pandemic restrictions mean we’ve spent more time with loved ones, and doing things we never had time for in the “normal” world. One of these could be tweaking your marketing strategy.

Take time to boost your business’s online presence by enhancing your website with simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks and update your Social Media.
And now is the perfect time to refresh your professional network, rebuilding contact with customers and suppliers.

Take a leaf out of your own book

Of course, you know the value of promotional products, so why not use them to your own advantage.

It could be anything from branded “Corona-Free” T-shirts for people who have recovered from CORVID-19 or completed a two-week quarantine, to branded backdrops for Zoom video calls.

And it goes without saying that masks and anti-viral hand gels are in huge – and growing – demand.

As well as their crucial role in helping to “flatten the curve”, branded masks and hand gels also show your company cares about people’s well being, and that you’re doing your bit to help defeat the virus.

These are troubling times for all of us, but your business can survive Coronavirus by following simple steps like these and, even most importantly, keeping positive.

The world will get back to normal someday, and when we do your business will be stronger. Henry Ford said it best:
“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it”