Pathway to success in uncertain times - Galpeg
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Galpeg New Associates

Pathway to success in uncertain times

Two stalwarts of the promotional products industry have chosen to join the Galpeg Network. Between them, Trevor Howard and Michael Carter have almost 45 years of industry experience.

Trevor previously spent 15 years working for one of the country’s leading distributors. As a Senior Account manager, he has significant wins under his belt and has built up a reputation for delivering flawless customer service. Trevor’s new business is called Evergreen Branding.

Michael has worked in account management roles for prominent distributors over the past few decades, again with a highly impressive record in customer service. Michael will be operating as Malachite Promotions.

Galpeg MD Paul Green said: “We’re delighted to welcome Trevor and Michael to the network. The flexibility we provide is set to afford both companies significant advantages in today’s climate of unique business challenges.

“The outsourcing of back office functions will allow both companies to concentrate on growth, while the ability to scale up and down quickly and responsively is invaluable in such unprecedented times.”

Trevor commented: “Everything Galpeg offers is tailored to me, to help me grow my business and achieve long-term success. The freedom to run my own business, but with professional support available as and when I need it, is a big factor for me.”

Michael added: “The back office support frees up my time to focus on my customers, while the relationships Galpeg has built up with suppliers will reap all sorts of benefits for my own business, from better pricing to priority services. Galpeg will help me to grow my business at the level I want.”