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TikTok: Tip-Top for Promoting Your Brand

My mother took me to one side the other day and asked: “What on Earth is ‘TikTok’?  Everyone seems to be using it during Lockdown – especially the grandchildren!”

Surprisingly, I found it hard to explain because if you’ve never actually used the app, it’s rather challenging to get your head around it, but here goes …

So up to now if you, like my mum, thought TikTok was the sound a clock made, get ready to be amazed.

TikTok is a new, major social media app with a whopping 800 million active users worldwide. Yes, you read that right – 800 million!

They use it to create short 15-60 second videos incorporating transitions, filters, special effects, cuts and music samples. They produce funny videos, sharing artwork, filming short dance routines or tell stories but, in reality, the sky’s the limit for today’s content creators.

Looking good is also important, something which one of today’s most popular TikTok creators, Charlie D’Amelio, captures well in her videos.

The app has a personalised ‘For You’ page where users get specific content which the algorithm thinks they’ll enjoy. This ranges from interior design videos to tutorials or dance routines, and much more besides.

TikTok has become so influential in fact, that the US and UK have their own ‘TikTok houses’, where influential creators live and work together with the aim of creating more videos and content to gain a larger following.

But how can TikTok help the promotional products industry and brands?

Different generations use social media in their own way: many of us use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to enable communication with friends and family or posting pictures of milestone events – the family Christmas get-together, for example.

For Generation Z – defined as people aged 13-22 – communication means sharing videos, memes, selfies and quirky humour, as well as texting on apps like Snapchat. TikTok embodies this new way of keeping in touch.

Now TikTok gives you the chance to reach out to Generation Z in a way they understand.

It’s easy to create an account and upload videos that are relevant to your business. And because TikTok videos are short, they’re great for showing what you’re about – and what you have to offer – quickly and concisely.

Here a few ways you could share your brand effectively on TikTok:

  • Show the benefits of your product
  • Display customer reactions
  • Upload “unboxing” videos
  • Use sponsored adverts
  • Attempt a dance challenge yourself or with your team members (if you are feeling adventurous)

TikToks are a simple, yet highly effective way of gaining influence and followers, which can translate into increased business – something your competitors will be chasing too, especially in these uncertain times.

So, get ahead of the game and use TikTok to appeal to Generation Z and support your brand.